Get your driver's license at the best international driving school of Sittard!

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1 on 1 guidence

We think the best way to learn is through coaching. that is why we make sure that our lessons are personalised for each students needs.

Manual geared and automatic cars

At our Driving School we offer manual and automatic driving lessons in Sittard. This way you can follow lessons depending on your preference

Quick driver's license

Do you want to get on the road as fast as possible? We also offer speed courses in which you will be able to get your license within a few weeks.

Different languages

Our Instructors have a lot of experience in coaching in teaching international students. If you want to know if we speak your preferred language do not hesitate to contact us.

Cheap prices

At our driving school in Sittard we offer qualitative lessons all while offering you the best prive possible, If you choose for one of our packages the admission costs are free!

Get your driver's lincense with Driving School Sittard


The first lesson is free of charge. After this we will make a plan of action for you. We will tell you how many lessons we think you are going to have to take. With these expectation, we’re able to make an assumption of the total costs.

Here at driving school Sittard we have many packages you can choose from. High quality lessons with competitive pricing. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Sittard driving school

On the road to getting your drivers license you will need to learn many new skills. To learn these skills effectively you will need a instructor you can trust. When you choose driving school sittard for your driving lessons, we will make sure that you will be properly coached.

To see if we are a right match for you we offer a free intake lesson. this way you can decide for yourself if we are the right driving school for you. To claim your free intake lesson you can email or call us. Beware though, the intake lesson is only free if you devide to continue your driving lessons in Sittard with us.

Driving School Sittard is a initiative by Driving school Cordewener.


Expat Centre

Expat Centre region gives advice on any problem’s expats might encounter. If you have any questions concerning drivers’ licences and transferring your foreign drivers license you better contact us: Driving school Sittard. We are specialized in those issues and will be able to give you advice.

English driving coaches

One driving lessons take around 60 minutes. Are you unable to take lessons during the workweek? We are also available on saturday. Taking 1,5 driving lessons for each session is recommended by us. This way we have more time for you.

The driving lessons we offer have a duration of 60 minutes. We offer lessons from Monday to Saturday. We reccomend that each driving session you take one and a half lesson (90 minutes) at a time, its more efficient and lets you practive for longer each time.

Watch out! Certain driving schools offer lessons which seem cheaper, that is because they are only 50 minutes per lesson and not 60.

driving lessons Sittard

Driving skills

Driving school Sittard offers refresher courses for international students or expats who want to learn how to drive in the Netherlands or who just want to increase their driving skills. Driving school Sittard offers lessons in english throughout Sittard.

30 percent ruling

Expats who fall under the 30% rule are able to exchange their foreign license for a Dutch driver’s license.

We offer refresher courses for people who want to be more confident while driving and improve their driving skills, especially when driving in a new country. Our refresher courses are available in automatic and manual cars. The instructors at driving school Sittard are experienced and have at least 10 years of experience in both coaching Dutch and English Students.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

driving school Sittard

Multiple instructors you can choose from

Some students might feel more comfortable with a make or female instructor, here at Driving school Sittard we put importance that our students feel safe and confident during their lessons. That is why we offer the choice to our students to pick whatever instructor they prefer.

The final exam

The CBR is the official institute that regulates the Theory and practical driving exams. Besides offering the theory exam in Dutch its also possible to take an English theory exam. On top of that they offer a service where you can take an oral exam with the assistance of a translator. Driving school Sittard will assist you during the process of signing up for the official exams. For more information go to the website of the CBR.


Different types of licenses

If you follow practical driving lessons at Driving School Sittard you are able to choose from Automatic or Manual transmission cars. When you first register you will get a free intake lesson with one of our professional coaches who will assess your driving skills

Beware, this intake lesson is only free if you decide to continue your lessons with Driving School Sittard.

After the intake lesson we will give you an estimate, based on your driving performance, of how many lessons you will need and what package we recommend. Once you have made a decision you can directly plan your upcoming lessons.

Get to know us

If you want more information about Driving School Sittard and how we teach our students, watch the video on the right.

Towards the end there are some endorsements from some of our students.

manual automatic cars english driving school

We are hiring!

If you are a qualified driving instructor and speak English than we might be looking for you!

We are specialized in expats and (international) students in Sittard and surrounding areas. We offer a competitive salary, great working conditions and super colleagues.

Apply now by calling us or through the button below!

Learn how to drive step by step

This is a manual about driving in The Netherlands, written in English.
This book helps u to get your driver’s license.

Book: learn to drive – written in English

A lot of our driving students use this book to improve their skills. Driving in different countries is different everywhere. This book is helpfull to learn how to drive in The Nederlands for only 27,50 euros.

Theory Course

driving theory exam cbr Sittard

Before you can take practical exams, you need to pass your theory exam at the CBR.
We can support you with a theory course online:

– Theory step by step
– QR codes must practice questions
– Tests per section
– Adaptive exam training
– Traffic sign trainer
– 3D animated priority situations.

Cost course for €49.95 (4 months login time) in 13 different languages.

Special Offer!

We have a special offer to help students obtain their driver’s license. Make use of our action of €100 discount on every package.

Packages & Pricing

We provide a variety of different package deals with the best price to suit your needs.
But it is also possible to book single lessons for € 52,50 per lesson.
Or book extra lessons for only € 515,- per 10 lessons.

Package 1

20 Lessons ( 45 min)

Real Exam Included

Free Intake

€ 1049,-

€ 949,-

Package 2

22 Lessons (60 min)

Trial Exam Included

Real Exam Included

Free Intake

€ 1.549,-

€ 1.449,-

Package 3

32 Lessons (60 min)

Trial Exam Included

Real Exam Included

Free Intake

€ 2.049,-

€ 1.949,-


Seperate Driving lesson €52,50
10 extra lessons €515,-

What Our Students Say

Thank you for all the insightful information. Great team of people ready to help in any way possible. I would recommend them to anyone.Lees meer
Hancy Perez
Hancy Perez
15:48 12 Oct 21
Very thorough. Every instructor was professional, friendly, and patient. Good English speakers. Would recommend to anyoneLees meer
Charly Azzolin
Charly Azzolin
11:14 07 Oct 21
Getting my driving license with Driving School maastricht was a pleasure. The vote of confidence i received from my instructors helped a lot to learn and feel comfortable with the car. It could'nt have been a better learning experience. The theory lessons were quick and precise in content and well taught, very efficient and helped a lot with the final examinations. The practical learning was also well taught. The instructors adapted to every student individually. A comfortable experience and also in terms of price the driving course is very affordable.Lees meer
Maximilian Steinbach
Maximilian Steinbach
19:56 05 Oct 21
Sonia,Marco and Monique have helped me a lot gaining confidence and succeeding into getting my driving license. Their level of English and professionalism is very high. It was not an easy process for me but thankfully with their patience and classes, it worked out well!Lees meer
Maria Vatista
Maria Vatista
12:20 26 Sep 21
I highly recommend Driving School Maastricht to everyone looking for quality education and getting a driver license. I was mostly driving with Marco but also meet other instructors - they are all extremely helpful, friendly, always patient, perfect English, many decades of driving experience with all kind of vehicles - these all together made my learning flawless. He always replied to me right away, managed all lessons according to my work schedule. Their pricing and policies are really fair. Best school in the region!Lees meer
Tibor Török
Tibor Török
08:53 18 Jul 21
Highly recommended drivingschool. Great tips to make the learning process easier. Patient, helpful, friendly but still strict instructors. I am so grateful to learning with them and passed my exam for a very first time🤩Lees meer
K Takacs
K Takacs
19:36 17 May 21
Choosing this driving school was an absolutely great decision. I had the majority of my driving lessons with Jan, but also had the chance to drive with Marco and Monique. They are all very nice people, providing a warm and friendly atmosphere when driving. Furthermore, they are very keen to help you improve your driving skills. The result: I passed the practical exam on my first attempt! Thank you for the great experience!!!Lees meer
Mario Langella
Mario Langella
14:56 17 May 21
Highly recommend driving school in Maastricht surrounding, I drive with Marco initially & then with Sonia in English, Sonia is a very calm, kind and patient instructor. School is very flexible with schedule. I've passed my exam due to their tips & tricks.They are very helpful and professionalLees meer
Balvijay Neemkar
Balvijay Neemkar
10:01 03 May 21
Highly recommend this driving school, great instructors and the lessons are excellent, and you go at the pace which suits you. Marco was a great instructor and helped me to pass my exam first time 👍Lees meer
16:26 29 Apr 21
I drive with Sonia in English, she is a very nice, kind and patient instructor. They are very helpful and professionalLees meer
Nee Nee
Nee Nee
20:26 17 Mar 21
True professionals! I'm really happy that I have chosen this driving school. I was driving with Marco, but I also had a chance to practice with Wilco and Monique. All of them are very supportive and committed to their work. School is providing a nice, new car and flexible schedule, the instructor picks you up from your home. I had lessons in English, there was no problem with that. I've passed my exam from 2nd try, which I think is a great result. I have received useful tips about driving which I will remember my whole life. Thank you!Lees meer
Beata Beliavska
Beata Beliavska
17:51 08 Dec 20
I passed on the first try! Need I say more? Monique was direct when she told me that she was strict and would instruct me in a way that would have me pass the test and that she did. She was also very flexible with our practice time, she was patient and we laughed a lot. I would highly recommend this driving school and especially Monique. As an adult taking driving lessons in a foreign country this was the driving school and experience I needed. Thank you Verkeersschool Cordewener/Driving School Maastricht!Lees meer
Gideon Poirier
Gideon Poirier
14:01 22 Nov 20
higly recommended...Driving School Maastricht has a great team of experts to prepare you for the exam in the best possible way. Tailored instructions, great tips and tricks to make the process easier and solid!Lees meer
aksu arif
aksu arif
13:36 10 Nov 20
I had a great experience with obtaining my license through this school. My instructor was Marco, he really helped me understand everything step by step and supported me fully throughout the process with a consistent and high quality approach. I would 100% recommend to anyone looking to learn to drive 🙂Lees meer
Alethe de Vaulgrenant
Alethe de Vaulgrenant
16:35 06 Nov 20
Would highly recommend Driving School Maastricht to everyone! Brilliant instructors and team overall who helped me pass first time!Lees meer
Adam Mc
Adam Mc
11:24 09 Oct 20
I highly recommend this driving school! The quality of the lessons are very good, the instructors are well organised and they try to adapt to your timetable as much as possible.Lees meer
Sean Lahoussine
Sean Lahoussine
11:52 27 Feb 20
Had a rough start with one of their instructors, but the owners were very understanding of the issue, and once I changed instructors everything went well. Passed my driving exam on my first attempt, definitely recommend.Lees meer
Allan Gramacho
Allan Gramacho
10:13 22 Oct 19
I want to say huge thanks to Driving School Maastricht: to my instructors: Wilco, Marco and Monique! After an accident happened, I was very nervous and insecure to drive but they really helped me to feel confident and calm behind the wheel. I truely enjoyed my lessons, I always received really good feedback on what I was doing well and what I needed to improve. They are very professional, supportive, patient and helpful.I highly recommend them to anybody learning to drive!Thanks once again, it was an amazing experience!Lees meer
Elcin Coskun
Elcin Coskun
09:19 16 Sep 19
Best driving school in Maastricht... indeed ! Passed my driving test on my first attempt, thanks to Marco. Lessons are always fun with Marco, and that's definitely a plus point! He gave me plenty tips on how to be a better and confident driver. If you need to get your driving licence done in maastricht, and are still in the midst of choosing a driving school, all i can say is Think no more! Just contact them now for your free intake lesson.Lees meer
Cindy C
Cindy C
19:36 28 Aug 19
I want to say huge thanks to Driving School Maastricht: to my instructors: Wilco, Marco and Monique! After an accident happened, I was very nervous and insecure to drive but they really helped me to feel confident and calm behind the wheel. I truely enjoyed my lessons, I always received really good feedback on what I was doing well and what I needed to improve. They are very professional, supportive, patient and helpful. I highly recommend them to anybody learning to drive! Thanks once again, it was an amazing experience!Lees meer
Elçin Coşkun
Elçin Coşkun
20:55 19 Aug 19
They speak English very well and consider every nationality since they met different students in Evey part of the earth.I like the idea of having FREE INTAKE 👍🚗❤️Lees meer
Ashley Belo
Ashley Belo
10:56 29 Jul 19
I wasn’t confident at all to go on the road by myself and I took lessons with Monique. Monique is very patient and attentive and helped me a lot in overcoming my fear. I’m now driving alone without feeling nervous any more. I’m very happy and thankful for the lessons.Lees meer
Rui Wang
Rui Wang
17:09 07 Jun 19
Ideal driving school for international students with friendly & professional instructors. It has been easy to schedule driving lessons to fit into a busy schedule, and instructions have been very individual to focus on improving personal weaknesses. The instructors Marco, Wilco and Monique are very dedicated with good advice at hand.It's not only about passing your exam, but also driving safely. Thanks to Driving School Maastricht, I can now say that I'm able to do both confidently!Lees meer
Eric Tüschenbönner
Eric Tüschenbönner
19:09 29 Jan 19
I would strongly recommend Driving school Maastricht for anyone who wants not only to pass their driving test, but also know how to drive safely. Driving School Maastricht is a trustworthy school. Marco, Monique and Wilco were really dedicated, punctual and very professional. Each lesson was fun and always in good humor. They quickly identified my weaknesses and worked on that till I overcame it. They were also very flexible to fit in my working schedules. They taught me with all their heart and not only for the sake of doing business! After a car accident, I was really afraid and nervous to sit behind a steering wheel. Marco was really very patient and taught me how to take confidence in myself and drive safely. He always corrected my mistakes with a smile or with a good laugh. He also offered me excellent advises on how to drive safely so that not only I passed my exams but also became a better driver.As a foreigner who do not speak Dutch, all my classes were done in English and they even helped in arranging my written exam which was really helpful! I did not had to worry at all about all the administrative stuffs. I would like to thank Driving School Maastricht and my instructors Marco, Monique and Wilco who made it possible for me to pass my exam and drive without fear!Lees meer
Kam Moun
Kam Moun
15:14 20 Dec 18
If you are a student or expat and you can’t speak Dutch this driving school is your best option for your Dutch “rijbewijs” Theory and practical lessens in english.Lees meer
Wilco Van Es
Wilco Van Es
20:36 18 Nov 18
I am currently taking driving lessons with Marco. He is really attentive and thorough. I definitely recommend taking driving lessons at the Driving School MaastrichtLees meer
Camila Gurriarán
Camila Gurriarán
07:46 04 Oct 18

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Internations is the largest international community for people who live and work abroad. Also in Sittard and surrounding areas InterNations offers global networking opportunities, local events, and expat-relevant information.

The Expat Centre Maastricht region provides expats with advice and guidance. For questions regarding driver licenses however we can also offer our guidance.

Kaleido is an international student community situated in Maastricht. Kaleido is a spot for internationally-minded people to meet – a space where everyone feels welcome and is free to express themselves creatively.

The CBR is the ruling governing body when it comes to the driving theory and practical exams. If you need help in applying and preparing for these exams contact us.

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    Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t answered here, you can reach us by telephone (+31(0)850653125), or you can ask your question by mailing

    What are the costs of a driving lesson?

    For one 60-minute lesson, prices start at € 45,-.

    If you take 10 hours of training the price is of course less (€ 435,-).

    How long is one driving lesson?

    Our driving lessons are 50 or 60 minutes each. This is the most efficient, as it means you will need to adjust the seat, seatbelt and mirrors only once rather than twice. The same goes for the evaluation that takes place after the lesson ends.

    Where will I be picked up?

    If you live in the municipality of Sittard or in the surrounding area, you will be picked up at home. If you live outside of this region, the lessons could start elsewhere. We need to talk about this in individual cases.

    Will I have the same coach each time?

    As much as possible we try to connect you to the same coach. Sometimes it is inevitable to switch to another coach in case of vacation, illness etc.

    How does the instructor monitor my progress?

    instructor will monitor your progress using a paper, tablet or smartphone.

    How many lessons will I need to take?

    If you take lessons regularly you will require an average of about 25 lessons at our school (= 37,5 hours) to be able to pass the driving exam. But be aware, this is very individual. It also depends on your talent and ambition.

    The national average is 40 to 45 hours.

    Is it possible to cancel a driving lesson?

    Cancellations can be made up until 24 hours prior to your scheduled lesson (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays do not count as workdays!). You can do so by phone or e-mail during office hours only.

    How do I make my payment?

    You can pay by bank. It is also possible to pay for your package in installments.

    Can I get a refund if I end up with lessons that I paid for but do not need?

    If you purchased a lesson package and have lessons to spare at the end of your training, you will be not reimbursed for them. If you require additional lessons you can purchase these by one or by ten.

    Can I take a trial lesson?

    You can take a trial lesson (assessment) at our school. This lesson is for free if you are willing to continue your driving training at our driving school.

    Can I score free lessons?

    Yes you can: for each new student you bring in, you will receive a free lesson.

    How do I apply for the theory exam?

    You can sign up your theory exam yourself, at
    If you would like us to arrange it for you on payment of an administration fee instead, e-mail us at

    Can I take theory lessons at Driving School Sittard?

    Yes: our school offers theory books, trial exam questions and an online theory course.

    Can I take an trial exam/test?

    If you did not opt for one of the lesson packages, you can also purchase a separate interim test.

    The number of our driving school needed for siging up at the CBR website?

    The number of our driving school is: 9021 G 5

    Is smoking permitted in the lesson vehicles?

    No: we have smoke-free cars. This also means no smoking takes place in the car outside of teaching hours!

    Get in Touch

    We are happy to help you and answer your questions.

    Feel free to call us or send an email, you can also come by and visit us.

    Biesenhof 13, 6132SR Sittard